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Biography of M. Dod Ghassemkhani

criminal defense attorney san diegoDuring my many years of practice, I have handled over 6,000 criminal cases and have extensive trial experience.  I have handled almost every type of criminal case and have been the lead attorney in over 70 jury trials and the lead attorney in over 400 preliminary hearings.  I have handled a variety of cases ranging from misdemeanor petty thefts, DUIs, drug related offenses, domestic violence, felony fraud, felony assaults, felony theft related offenses, felony stabbings, felony child molest, felony robberies, felony residential burglaries, felony hit and runs, rape, kidnapping and murder cases.  I am also qualified under the California State Bar to handle Death Penalty cases.

I obtained three NOT GUILTY verdicts in a row on felony cases including an all out acquittal on a client facing 25-life.  My client had two prior strikes, and was being charged with a Hot Prowl Residential Burglary and during the burglary it was alleged my client threw a brick at the homeowner in an attempt to flee.  We received a NOT GUILTY verdict and my client was released that day.

I also was the lead attorney in a case where my client stabbed another person in self defense.  I was able to convince the jury that my client who was with a group of five men believed it was necessary to stab the individual in self defense.  We received a NOT GUILTY verdict and my client was able to escape any time in custody and save his nursing career.  These are just a few of my numerous wins.  I have fought for justice for over ten years.  Please see my CASE RESULTS.

I attended Santa Clara University and graduated in 1998.  I then attended University of San Diego School of Law and graduated in 2003.  During law school I interned for the San Diego Public Defenders Office.  During my internship I worked on a high-profile murder case that was seen on NBCs Law and Order.

After I graduated law school, I was hired by the San Diego Public Defenders Office.  There I gained invaluable experience and handled thousands of cases.  I only defended people accused of crimes.  I have never been a Prosecutor and I have never worked for any law enforcement agency.  I am a criminal defense attorney and will always be a criminal defense attorney.

I am known in the criminal justice community for being absolutely dedicated to the cause of justice for those accused of a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony.  I have fought with every fiber of my soul to defend my clients against unfair charges.  This is what makes me a different breed of criminal defense attorney, and this is why I get the results that I do for my clients.  Most importantly, this is why you owe it to yourself to consult with me about your case.  It is my job to worry about your case so you can rest at night.


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